Our church life in Berlin-Stadtmitte celebrates and supports people of every gender and sexuality. The Gospel calls us to do so, and the role of women and LGBT people in the church represents the plurality and diversity of our city. As a church, we are committed to promoting gender equality and justice for queer people. Our goal is to use the revelations of God’s word in the Bible to recognize and lift up sexual and gender identities beyond traditional cultural constraints or outdated gender norms.
The church district of Berlin-Stadmitte is present every year for CSD (Berlin’s Pride celebration) in the form of a national interfaith Pride service and a float in the Pride parade. We commemorate World AIDS Day every year with a central church service. The district promotes gender justice in religious education, engages in widespread education against sexual violence, and has fundamental policies in place making clear our approach to gender justice in our organization, our faith, and our work.
Two centers of church life in Berlin are especially focused on feminist and gender-aware theology: Eva’s Ark, an ecumenical women’s centre, offers courses and social and spiritual events for women of all ages. The Martha-Gemeinde, a congregation in the Kreuzberg neighborhood, has built its parish life on the basis of gender-specific spiritual experiences and gender-aware theology for people of every gender identity.

Evas Arche